The K-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ introduces the K-wing, a heavily armed Rebel bomber that could double as an escort or reconnaissance vessel. With its new SLAM action, heavy armor plating, and devastating ordnance, the K-wing is an outstanding ship for hit-and-run operations, and its four shields and five hull make it one of the game's most durable small-base fighters. One pre-painted K-wing miniature, sculpted at 1/270 scale, comes with four ship cards and nine upgrades that dramatically improve the efficiency of your Rebel ordnance.

Key Selling Points
• A Rebel faction starship expansion for X-Wing™
• Features one pre-painted K-wing miniature, carefully sculpted at 1/270 scale
• Introduces the new SLAM action
• Nine upgrades dramatically improve the efficiency of your Rebel ordnance
• One of the Rebellion’s most durable small-base fighters