About Us

LXP is a collaboration of friends who wanted to bring the joy of a board game café here to the humble state of Oklahoma. We know there’s a community of people who have been looking for a place like this, and we’re delighted to host this for you! Here’s a little bit about us so you can say Hello! whenever you come by!



Justin Yozzo

Level 29 Sage / Level 9 Arbiter
Favorite Games: Game of Thrones, Splendor, Seasons, D&D

Around the age of 20, Justin was re-introduced to the world of analog games when he returned to his home state of Oklahoma for college. From his first chances at board gaming in Monopoly, Key to the Kingdom, and Risk, to his family's long-running tradition of Tripoley, a 1930s poker/rummy mix, he's seen the undeniable interpersonal benefits of analog games. Having had numerous gaming clubs during his years as a teacher, he loves to teach new games in a fun, quick, exciting manner for anyone interested. Come learn a new one from him today!


Matthew Buell

Level 34 Gamemaster / Level 10 Businessman
Favorite Games:  Runebound, Titan, Thunderstone, Pathfinder

By day, Matthew is a humble insurance claims adjuster, but by night, he's ready to tackle elder gods or dragons alike.  Matthew's love of gaming started when his parents took him to gaming conventions as a young boy, and started playing board games and D&D with them when he was 7.  Since then he's been sharing his love of gaming everywhere he goes, and this store is the culmination of two decades of hosting gaming parties and events.  He welcomes any and all to come, stay awhile and play some games.


Morgan Dickey


Beginning in his early years with endless hours of BattleMech customization and study of the Monster Manual, board games and RPGs have always been an endless source of entertainment and camaraderie for Morgan. He is always interested in a clever new strategy, yet willing to forgo power gaming for the sake of the story. He treasures the moments of exciting battle or spontaneous comedy in RPGs, second only to the company of friends.


Jack Claxton

Level ??? (True to his name, he just took a couple levels in everything)
Favorite Games: History of the World, Twilight Imperium, The Resistance: Avalon

Jack's been playing games for more years than he'd care to count and rarely passes up an opportunity to try a new one. The hobby has proved to be an endless source of entertainment and has introduced him to some mighty interesting and lovely people. While he often favors longer more complex games, he's been known to play a mean game of Jenga and is the store's undefeated Hungry Hungry Hippos champion.