NINTENDO Trivia Night - Jan 21st

Posted by Rachelle Au on

Power, Wisdom, Courage!
...or maybe just knowledge.

Grab your Amiibos and throw them in a sack, cause they can't help you anymore.

Who knows their NINTENDO history the best? Games, consoles, characters, weapons, levels, creators, etc. Make sure you know it all, you know-it-all!
THURSDAY, January 21th at 7:00PM at Loot&XP!

The format as usual is as follows:
- Max teams of 4 people.
- $15 entry fee per person. Includes one compilmentary drink and game pass (for use before and after the trivia).
- Winning team and runner up team will receive ~fa~bu~lous~ prizes.
- Written answers submitted for every question.
- Two rounds, roughly 30 minutes long, with 10 minute breaks at the half and just before the final question.

Questions can encompass all of NINTNEDO's history, including recent and pre-NES era.

Let's'a go!

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